If you are planning to become a fashion designer attending school is more than just learning the skills you need to succeed in the fashion world. When you want to become a fashion designer school is an opportunity to work more closely with the fashion industry. Therefore, lets take a look at what schools you should attend, how long you will attend school, what you will learn in school and the fashion show held in school.

1. Choosing a school to become a fashion designer-There are various schools that offer courses to become a fashion designer, however if you want to boost the possibility of jump starting your career you must try to choose a school that is good and prestigious. However, keep in mind that schools with reputations are very selective when it comes to choosing new students.

2. How many years do you need to study to become a fashion designer? The amount of years you will study to become a fashion designer will vary from one individual to another. However, most schools offer programs that last three or four years.

3. A sneak peak at what you will learn in school- In fashion school you will study drawing, color composition and form, pattern making, draping and cutting techniques. It is also important to choose a business curriculum. Why? In order for you do succeed in the fashion world you need to have a basic understanding on business because you need to be able to negotiate a contract and choose a business partner.

4. End of semester fashion show- At the end of each school semester you will be apple to attend a fashion show. If you managed to enroll in a prestigious school, a lot of famous and important people will attend the fashion show. Which means that when you participate (you need to be a graduating student to take part on the fashion show) on the fashion show you will have a great opportunity to be notice by someone important and possibly become famous or get a job.

There are is also a very importing thing you need to know before entering a fashion designer school. In fashion, art plays a very important role; hence you are expected to have some kind of drawing ability. Although having drawing abilities is not always important, you do need to create a portfolio to get into a fashion school. For this reason, make sure to create a portfolio that is breathtaking and shows your passion for fashion. (Especially if you want to join a prestigious fashion school) Aside from school, you also need to keep in mind that fashion designers are hard working individuals that work hard long hours. Why? The fashion world is a very competitive industry that is always changing, therefore new and famous designers need to work hard and keep in the loop of what changes in the fashion world. Now that you know why school is so important if you are planning to become a fashion designer it’s a good idea to start planning and working on your portfolio.

Taking a Look at the Latest in Luxury Leather Fashion When it comes to clothing that people can wear, there are a number of different fabrics that have been developed over time. Although the standard for all types of fabric involve fabrics made from plant materials, leather fabrics are often seen as a much higher-quality version of any ordinary type of fabric. Among leather’s many qualities, you’ll discover that it can make a person seem to be much more interesting and attractive. In fact, those who wear leather tend to be more than willing to prove the power of the human species. In fact, luxury leather products have proven to be some of the most popular things being sold in stores today among people who really like to impress others. Regardless of your ideal lifestyle, you’re going to find that leather variations on the things you need are going to prove to be very durable. If you want something durable, fashionable, and affordable, you really can’t beat what you’ll get by choosing something made from leather. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a few luxury leather gifts for others, the following piece will help you get started on ideas. You may find that a good leather belt will prove to be the perfect piece of leather to put in your closet. Because of the fact that leather is known to be a truly strong substance in terms of its tensile durability, it makes a great starting point for any type of belt you could find. When it comes to making a grand statement in any outfit or as a means of keeping your pant from falling down, a good belt is something that everyone needs to have in his closet. If you aren’t sure where to find such a belt, you might want to look at a catalogue for a luxury leather brand to see what they have to offer.
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Once you get a taste for leather, though, you may want to expand what you own. For this reason, luxury leather wallets have proven to be a great method of carrying money and credit cards. You’re going to find that a great leather wallet will be part of your arsenal for many years, and you’ll always be able to rely on its service when you need it most.
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If you spend your money on great luxury leather products, you’re going to be incredibly satisfied with your purchase. Regardless of what sort of use you get from it, you’ll always be able to guarantee that it will give you long life and great durability.

Buying Luxury Leather Fashion There are a lot of things that people do when they want to look their very best. For many people, they key to looking their best is having the most fashionable outfits and accessories. But if you want to have the best looking outfits, chances are you are going to have to spend a lot of money. Many people do not have a problem with this because the confidence that you gain from looking your best is worth the cost of the clothes. But a lot of the fashion items people buy are not very durable, and do not last long enough. But, you can find fashion items that look great and will last you for many years when they are made from the right material. This is why you are going to want to consider getting luxury leather fashion items. The great thing about buying luxury leather fashion items is that you know that they are made to last you for a long time. There are a lot of luxury leather products that you can get outside of leather coats that are great for the winter. Often luxury leather is used to make the accessories that we use every day because it is such a durable material. This is why leather is a primary material for many of the belts, wallets, and shoes that people use on a daily basis. You are going to have a lot of options when you are shopping for luxury leather products. When you are on the market to buy a fashion item, you probably care a lot about the brand that you are wearing. And there are many luxury leather brands that you can choose from. The different brands that you have to choose from are going to vary a lot in the quality of the product, and the price of them.
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There are a lot of places that you can go to get the luxury leather products that you want to buy. Shopping in a department store is a great way for you to make sure that the items you want are the right size for you. But, when you shop for luxury leather items online, you are going to be able to find a much better deal.
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When you are wearing an outfit that you look great in, you are going to feel much more confident. This is why you want the fashion items that you buy to last you a while. When you add luxury leather products to your wardrobe, you are going to have fashion items that are made to last you for a very long time.

In case you are looking for the best straightener for your hair, you might take the time to accomplish a little bit of basic research. All things considered, it can end up very expensive in order to keep trying out newer ones up until you discover the one in particular you prefer. Searching for a great flatiron is often more than merely looking at the ones which are currently available. You’ll want to keep your hair type in mind plus take a look at the many flatirons intended for hair that’s much like yours.

Begin by going through the straighteners that are offered right this moment. All of them claim they can work well, yet you might discover that particular kinds are more effective on your hair than others. Go through the greatest number of the hair straightener reviews as you can to understand more about what consumers truly think about them all. Pay particular attention to opinions created by folks who may have an identical hair type as your own. In this way, you’ll know just how each one of these really will work along with your hair. You’re also most likely going to wish to take note of the products other people utilize along with their straighteners. This could offer you more suggestions regarding how to find the appropriate products for you. Combined with the proper straightener, you should not have any issue getting the overall look you may be going for.

Whilst cost might be extremely important to you, remember that you are going to spend extra to have a high-quality product that’s going to last. This is when the research comes in handy. You are able to determine what kind will be most likely to have good results for you without needing to pay so much money. Then, you can aquire a great straightener and check out some of the products some other women highly recommend. It is often less costly to test many different products than it is to buy straighteners until you pick one up you want. Additionally, when you purchase a high-quality straightener you won’t need to bother about upgrading it once again every year or two.

If you’d like your hair to look its finest you have to put money into high-quality products that will last. Make time to find out about the straighteners that are currently available and make use of all the opinions for all of them in order to select one that is going to work effectively for your personal hair. You will have the ability to straighten your hair without difficulty and revel in how wonderful it appears after just a few minutes every day. Get Started with the research now so you’re able to choose the best straightener rapidly.

When the first human being, in Eden or on earth, covered his body with leaves, or later with an animal skin, the fashion industry was founded at that time. Though we are not familiar with the style and attire of that time until the ancient civilizations preserved few images in the solidity of rocks, through cave paintings and through rock-cut sculptures.

Terra Cotta figurines of the oldest Harappan Age show interesting headdresses that can be compared with any modern hairstyle with a heavy look. The Dancing Girl of Mohenjo Daro with bangles in her arms is not behind any fashion sculpt of any age. While no one can deny the allure and glamour of Cleopatra; a woman with great political skills and a long nose, who crafted many fashion styles from jewelry to outfits of the great Egyptian Empire of Scissors.

But fashion is not only associated to women always! In ancient times of Cleopatra, Scissors always wore clothes that were royal, expensive, stylistic, attractive and special. At the same Egyptian soil, the Pharaohs were never behind. The great Biblical Character of Moses, if taken as an Egyptian Prince, was always a portrayed, in tales and later in movies, in a charismatic outfit.

While in the Western part of the globe, the Greeks and Romans not only marked high standards in Art, Architecture, and Warfare, but their unique and intricate concepts of a perfect and godlike human body, especially of males, supported the appealing army uniforms and court-wears.

The supernatural characters of illustrious Greek, Egyptian and Indian Mythologies did provide extraordinary range of apparel; well preserved in the form of painting and sculpture.

These ancient models are still the greatest sources of inspiration for modern day fashion designers and the origins of the evolved form of cultural trends prevailed through continents from Australia to America and from Asia to Africa.

Cultural influences are stronger when we consider the economic aspect of the fashion industry. Business needs market where it can present fresh ideas and products in every new day. Although in this global age, acculturation is very much on. But even then there are many cultural aspects that can instigate or impede certain trends. A colorful bikini is a great fashion market item in Western or secular and modern cultures, but it is almost a taboo in some rigid and fundamental areas. Contrary to that, a veil is popular in fundamental countries, but has no market in secular or modern world. However, so many fashion articles could get the status of cross-cultural ambition. Especially in ornaments, there is not much difference across the globe with exception of little diversity in shape, material and style. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, bangles and rings are always, and everywhere, in fashion since ages having big market scope in all societies and cultures.

On the individual level, fashion is not just a simple word or an uncomplicated attitude, or even an overwhelming desire. Fashion is a multifarious dogma that can influence an individual in many ways.

“As process it is [fashion] sustained through some complex amalgamation of inspiration, imitation and institutionalization, all of which seem necessary, even though the nature and degree of their fusion is, as we can infer from fashion history, quite variable.” (Fred Davis. Fashion, Culture and Identity. P. 123)

Therefore, the multifaceted incorporation of fashion, where force an individual at the same time, it also institutionalize itself on many grounds. This institutionalization is not only at the academic level, but due to its capacity of holding an individual, society, or even the whole world has created a huge market for investors.

This feature has made fashion, throughout past decades, an industry with small to bulk product possibility that can be marketed all around the world. It attracted many business tycoons and groups of companies to invest in fashion industry, or to label some of their products as fashion products. This idea initially covered the clothes brand but soon after, it encompassed every utility of everyday life. From earrings to pendants, from watches to glasses, from shoes to wallets, from perfumes to hairstyles, everything was produced and marketed, exported and imported on such a huge scale that it actually influenced the economy of various countries. Apart from the individual fashion, bathroom accessories, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom décor, landscaping of gardens and lawns, furniture, automobiles, electronics or even language accents, everything got under the broad term of fashion. Products singularly and brands collectively helped and polished lifestyle across the continents. So, inevitably fashion market got vitality.

Despite quality, comfort and durability the exclusivity of a product and its luxurious look are the reasons that produce scope for a product to be marketed. That is the market policy of almost every fashion company revolves around these features.

Simultaneously, the marketing and availability of various products have developed the customers’ sense of selection and exposure with a comparative buying power. Fashion is not always brand conscious; it is item based as well. Sometime, the need for a particular item may force us to go beyond the brand-range and select something less popular. This is a challenge all the famous brands have to cope with. Ian Griffiths and Nicola White, in their edited work: The Fashion Business- Theory, Practice, Image, commented on item shopping as:

“Item shopping is still very much part of our lives, but market saturation has taken its toll and replacement purchases of core product continue to decline. Added to this is the changing profile of the customer, who, through constant exposure, is becoming wiser, more astute, more confident in mixing products and consequently, likely to be less brand loyal.”

The customer satisfaction is very important in the fashion industry; either it is attained by making customer needful for an upcoming product through advertising, or by providing him what he is striving for. The former caused the creative and design department to experiment with new ideas and shapes while the latter forced the quality controlled production with maintained standards.

Modern day fashion is rapid, short lived, more corporate in its structure, and psychological than ever before. Due to better and quick sources of communication and information, the international or external markets are open for every fashion company to do business, multinational companies can be found with variety of products in all the continents with complex network and appropriate marketing policies according to the socio-cultural requirements of a certain country. Especially, when we talk about the couture and cosmetics, contemporary trends are getting more and more cross-cultural due to viewership of various fashion channels on TV. This is far quicker source than the print media. So, the skills and concepts are also crossing the geographical and ideological boundaries of different parts of the world regardless of ethnic rigidity and conventionalism. That is one reason that fashion is also taken as the reflection of the progress in some developing countries. Fred Divis described clothing as a visual metaphor in his compilation; Fashion, Culture and Identity:

“As visual metaphor the clothing that is dress (one should perhaps distinguish between the two) is capable of communicating many things including something as subtle, for example, as the wearer’s reflexive awareness…”

This is what has made fashion companies responsible for customer care at the same time, when they were thinking to be profitable. You can find friendly policies of such companies towards its employees, suppliers and customers. Together with the advertising campaigns, Fashion Weeks with new designs and colors, serve additionally to promote new concepts. These Fashion Weeks not only display an array of new products, but also serve to communicate with the audience visually. Dresses and accessories worn by models doing catwalk, are more lively and enthralling than the mere display on mannequins. Normally with a range of Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter collection, Fashion Weeks boost market demands and promote its associated businesses as well. Fashion Shows now have become cultural events which are happily sponsored by the corporate sector.

At modern day fashion companies, there is an underlying and long standing commitment to ethical trading, based upon the belief, that business can be both profitable and responsible. So, fashion companies believe that building meaningful long term relationships with employees, suppliers and communities is good business practice for them and is what the customers expect popular brands. This is, and always has been, the founding principle of different brands as Corporate-Social responsibility.

Fashion is not only a phenomenon for luxurious life, but this concept deals with humanity as well. True meaning of fashion is to put life at ease and to facilitate humanity with its respective life style. That is why, modern fashion companies are conscious for the fact of supporting special people of society with special needs. This phenomenon is causing fashion to be responsive towards special people.

Therefore, the market and its demands may vary from community to community. For example, the range may get different in a London store in comparison with the variety at a Singapore or China store. No doubt, in the modern world, ‘East meets West’ but climate, culture, sociology and psychological needs can force fashion designers and companies to provide a vast canvas for the diversity of customers worldwide. But there are few items that are evergreen. Jeans and Bags are such commodities that are always in demand and ask for the latest styles and comfort at the same time.

Modern day fashion is global, human, culture and society friendly. At one end it emphasizes collective psychology and trends of a society, and at the other end, it deals with the individual needs of customer care. Healthy trends, balanced life, and busy lifestyle are, what the modern fashion companies have to consider deeply. It is no more a matter of looking good and attractive, true fashion and accessories join comfort and trend together. Fashion companies are somehow, have become institutes that are shaping behaviors, psychology and healthy and innovative thinking. The concept of being relaxed and making others too, by wearing good looking, comfortable, trendy and eye-catching outfits in soothing or energetic colors, is the order of the modern day.

“The obstacles to recognition which they [elements] interpose give an extra fillip to the process of the recognition and increase our pleasure by providing a chain of difficulties to be overcome.”
(Carl Thurston. The Structure of Art.p 39)